About Buddhafield

Where it all began

Buddhafield is a collaboration of Buddhists from the Triratna tradition who, for over 25 years have offered land-based teaching, community and meditation through our travelling vegan café, on retreats and at our conscious festivals, all outdoors and under canvas.

Buddhafield is unique in the world of Buddhism, activism and nature connection. It combines a Buddhist tradition designed to work in the modern Western culture with an integral appreciation of nature and ecology. It is also a seat for engaged Buddhists supporting those who wish to act for the benefit of their community and create a wiser and more compassionate world around them.

About Base

A new home for Buddhafield

The time has come for Buddhafield to consolidate our resources and buy land of our own. This will enable us to:

  • Continue to provide events, retreats and festivals
  • Store and look after our kit
  • Support the outreach activities of the Buddhafield Cafe
  • Create a permanent Buddhafield community
  • Provide co-working spaces and studio spaces to facilitate ethical (team-based right livelihood) enterprises and creative pursuits
  • Nourish our wider community and provides spaces and tools to restore, regenerate and nourish. We envision people leaving the Base and taking this resource back to their home communities
  • Invest time and energy into long-term land projects like a forest garden, wetland management and permaculture-based food production
  • Start our six-month, semi-residential Pathways to Resilience course for young people
  • Provide residential Dharma Life volunteer opportunities

Visualising the land:

Base Values

Cultivating the Eco-Sattva spirit

We want Base to be a place where people can more deeply live, experience and express our values and take them out into the world. Our values are:

Authentic community

In a community we find others and we find ourselves. The beauty and challenge of relationships are opportunities for generosity, forgiveness and bravery. These are the qualities that move us beyond our self-centredness.

Celebration of creativity and imagination

There are qualities that have drifted to the edge of our daily lives as if they are not robust enough for the serious business of today’s world. At Buddhafield, we seek to re-centre qualities like imagination and creativity that go hand in hand with renewal and regeneration.

Meaningful work

Buddhafield offers opportunities for people to work in teams while creating our events and looking after land and kit. Meeting the challenge of working together outdoors in all weathers develops skills, confidence and an ability to collaborate. The bonding and shared purpose dissolve the sense of isolation felt by many.

Care for land and ecology

Land is integral to Buddhafield – it’s where we connect to the elements, strip away our complex lives and live simply, together. Our events take place outdoors and under canvas, embracing a joyful existence in the natural world.

Our Fundraiser

What we need and how you can help

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