The first round of the Buddhafield Base Share Offer is now closed.

Our fundraising efforts continue and we may do another share offer to support this in the near future.
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Buddhafield Base Share Offer

Join us

Buying community shares in Buddhafield Base is a great way to support our fundraising efforts whilst also becoming an active member of our community.

Shares cost £1 with a minimum investment of £250


Why invest?

  • Help create a hub where we can work out how to be together in this changing world and creatively approach the challenges we all face.
  • Sustain Buddhafield for future generations to enjoy the fruits of practice and our events.
  • Further our educational and support aims that resource individuals and communities.
  • Create stronger bonds within the Buddhafield community and give us a chance to expand.
  • Allow us to employ people for more time to further the community aims.
  • Support growing ethical enterprise opportunities that help to meet people’s core needs.
  • Create more volunteering opportunities so people can connect with Buddhafield year-round.
  • Look after around 70 acres of land and use it to exemplify living simply and harmoniously. This will also help to further these aims on the existing Buddhafield land.